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ZX51 Pix Cogged V Belt

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Product Specification
Internal Length
Outside Length
Pitch Length
Top Width x Depth
10mm x 6mm
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Product Description

A moulded raw edge cogged belt is a v-Belt with moulded teeth on its inner surface. Cogged belts offer more flexibility compared to the wrap construction belts and the tooth profile allows the accumulation of air pockets into it, which acts as heat absorber an prevents the temperature of the drive to enhance, during operation.

In the case of cogged belts, the teeth which run perpendicular to the belt length, reduces the bending stress over the belt, and so they run cooler and last longer. They have a substantial operational efficiency compared to wrap construction Belts. Cogged belts can be used over the same pulleys as equivalently rated wrap construction belt pulley. They are used in a wide array of mechanical devices, where high power transmission is desired.


  • Compressors, Pumps, Fans, Vacuum pumps, Blowers, Generators, Heat exchanger, Industrial drives, etc.

    Key Features
  • Higher power transmission capacity than wrapped Belts
  • Special cog design for enhanced flexibility and heat dissipation rate
  • Suitable for drives using smaller diameter pulleys and high RPM
  • Anti-static, oil & heat resistant
  • Maximum Belt linear speed (Classical section: up to 30 m/Sec, Wedge: up to 42 m/Sec, Narrow: up to 45 m/Sec)
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C