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Wheels & Castor Wheels

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Castor Wheels/Wheels & Castors

Pnematic Castor Wheel

In this section of our website, you will find our full range of industrial wheels & castors. This compromises of  swivel castors, fixed castors, single bolt hole castors, stainless steel castors, grey rubber tyre castors, polyurethane tyre castors, heavy duty castors, castor wheels, food industry castors, catering castors, trolley castors, trailer wheels, office furniture, furniture castors, wheelie bin castors & wheels, hospital bed castor wheels, refuge bin castors, scaffold castors, pallet truck castors, wheels only, pallet rollers & load rollers.

You should be able to find a castors wheel for any application from our range.


Our castor wheels suit a wide range of industries & applications. For example:

  • Food & catering industry
  • Hospital beds
  • Pallet trucks
  • Office furniture
  • Scaffolding industry
  • Staging industry
  • Industrial trolleys
  • Household & commercial gates
  • Wheel barrows
  • Wheelie bins
  • Pump trucks

Technical Information

If you need any help selecting your required castor wheels or just need some advise, please do contact us & we will be more than happy to help. We may even have a sales engineer in your area who can arrange a meeting to give his/her advise. You can contact us for advise on any of our wheels & castors by -


All our wheels and castors are generally dispatch the same day if ordered pre 4.00pm.

Most castor orders will be subject to a £8.50 delivery charge as the Royal Mail service is generally not available due to the weight & size.

Free Delivery -

All wheel & castor orders worth £75.00 or more will be delivered to any UK mainland address free of charge.


We stock wheels & castors from the following manufacturers:

  • Coldene Castors
  • British Castors
  • Colsan Wheels & Castors
  • Wicke Wheels & Castors
  • Revvo Castors Wheels
  • Flexello Wheels & Castors
  • Halvor Castors
  • Telle Rota Wheels & Castors

Top Tip when Selecting Wheels & Castors

When selecting suitable castor wheels, you will need to consider the weight of what you want to carry. If you are using four castors for example on a trolley & you need to carry 200kg, it is best to make sure that three castor wheels will carry 200kg. This is  just in case your trolley may be going over an uneven surface whereby only 3 of the castors wheels will touching the ground and so will be carry the 200kg alone without the fourth castor wheel.

Consignment Stocks

If you have a regular usage for any of our wheels & castors range, please do talk to us about reserved stocks or consignment stock whereby we keep your regular sizes of wheels & castors on site at your premises, so you have instant delivery when needed & you only pay for once you have used.

Bulk Buy

If you are a large user of wheels & castors, please talk to us about bulk buy pricing, as there maybe possible discounts we can offer on larger orders of wheels & castors. 

Last Modified: 15th Dec 2021