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Janitorial Water Management System
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Prowater+ Limescale and Corrosion Water Treatment System

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Product Specification
3/4inch BSP Female
Dimension (W x D x H)
115 x 75 x 210mm
Flow rate
Max 3.000 L/u
Lifetime dosing cartridge
+/- 40,000 litres (40m) or 1 year max
Temperature Range Water
1 degree C - 40 degree C
Test Pressure
25 Bar
Working Pressure
0.5 10 Bar
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Product Description
Prowater+ Limescale and Corrosion Water Treatment System

Specialists in water treatment providing an innovative and economical way to deal with limescale caused by hard water. The revolutionary system is unique, and unlike other water filter solutions it does not remove the essential minerals which are crucial for every human body for optimum health.

Prowater+ adds a small quantity of a food grade formulation to the water which neutralises (seals) the Calcium and Magnesium, preventing and stopping the formation of limescale and their damaging results. As the essential minerals are sealed in the process it means they are still consumed by the human body but will not stick or cover surfaces, which can cause damage to appliances, making them less efficient.

You will use fewer cleaning products and will also save energy because equipment such as heating systems, boilers, washing machines and common household appliances work more effectively. You will reduce the amount of soap and shampoo used and your skin and hair will feel softer and the water will taste better.

Upon installation of your ProCompact+ please remember to visit their website where you can register for your FREE Lifetime Guarantee which covers all components (excluding replacement cartridges, electric sensor, and batteries). If you wish they can also remind you when your cartridge needs replacing (although the electric sensor will also notify you).
Key Features
  • Easy to fit and requires no electricity
  • Does not waste water, as it does not need to be flushed for regeneration
  • Affordable to buy and cheap to run
  • Overall is more environmentally friendly
  • Leaves important minerals available in the water for the body to use
  • Needs no separate drinking water feed as prowater+ treated water is 100% safe to drink
  • It is easy to maintain as cartridges are easy to store and change
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