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Tufnol Rods

Further Information about Tufnol Rods

Tufnol is a manufacturer of a great range of engineering laminates that have a numerous range of applications and uses.

Tolerances for round moulded Tufnol rod:

The table below shows the dimensional tolerances permitted on moulded round rods. These tolerances are based on the relevant British Standads or BS EN Standards.

Tufnol round rods are normally supplied with a ground outside diameter.

All sizes and tolerances quoted are in millimeters.

Dimensional tolerances specified are PLUS AND MINUS from the nominal size.

Moulded round rod tolerances based on BS EN 61212 3-3.

Maximum Deviation from Nominal External Diameter:

Nominal diameter Maximum deviation
<25.0 0.15
>25.0 <50.0 0.25
>50.0 <75.0 0.30
75.0 < 100.0 0.35


Tolerance on Straightness:

Nominal length Maximum deviation
1220 4.5
610 1.3


The information given here is believed to be correct, but completeness and accuracy are not guaranteed. The user shall be fully responsible for determining the suitability of products for the intended use.

Tufnol is made of numerous layers of compressed laminations so it is a very rigid plastic but can have a greater dimensional tolerance. It must be remembered that the rod is constructed in a way that means that it is not able or appropriate for use for gears as the teeth would delaminate.

Due to the resin involved in creating Tufnol, this engineering plastic has a very low moisture absorption and also has great dimensional stability.

Whale grade Tufnol is a mechanical grade and is rigid, tough and has very good wear properties. It is often used for gears, pulleys, wear blocks, bushes, slideways an so on.


Our Genuine Whale Tufnol Rod is the grade specifically designed for mechanical engineering purposes. It is suitable for wear resistant componants such as bearings, bushes, spacers and low voltage aplications. Tufnol Mechanical Rod is dimensionally very stable and can be either run dry or lubricated with water, oils or grease. It is not suitable for washers or gears.