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Timing Belt Finder / Calculator

Determine which Timing Belt you require

Timing Belt Length Calculator

Step 1
Please enter distance between the centers of the pulleys and the diameters of both the pulleys, or if you know the length of the belt you require, simply enter the length below:

Pulley Center Distance: mm
Diameter Of Pulley 1: mm
Diameter Of Pulley 2: mm
Length Of Timing Belt : mm
Step 2
Once you have determined the length of the belt you require use the diagram to the right to determine the section.
Please choose the section you require:

Types of Belt

Imperial Timing Belts

These belts have a trapezoidal tooth profile, providing a positive drive by meshing the belt teeth with the grooves of a relating timing belt pulley.

HTP Timing Belts

HTP stands for high torque power. These belts are able to handle a higher load.

Metric Timing Belts

Metric belts are the same as our imperial range, but the sizes are measuring in mm.