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Last Modified: 22nd Apr 2016

SKF Single Direction Thrust Ball Bearings

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SKF single direction ball bearings consist of a shaft washer & housing washer and a ball and cage thrust assembly. This style of bearings are separable so that the mounting is simple as the bearing washers & the ball cage thrust assembly can be mounted separately.

Smaller SKF thrust bearings are available with either a flat seating surface on the housing washer of a sphered seating surface bearing with a sphered housing washer can be used together with a sphered seating washer to compensate for the misalignment between the bearing support surface in the housing & the shaft. Sphered seating washers are available from SKF but must be ordered separately.

SKF single direction thrust ball bearings, as their name suggests can accomodate axial loads in one direction & thus locate a shaft axially in one direction. They must not be subjected to any radial load.


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