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The Right Tools For Renovation

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 When it comes to renovating your home, having the right tools to hand for a multitude of jobs is vital. With so many tools to choose from, it can be hard to pinpoint the most vital ones for the larger jobs. Here’s a list of a few vital tools for renovation:


Cordless Screwdriver
Once you’ve bought a cordless screwdriver you’ll wonder how you ever did any jobs without it! With a compact ion battery to cut down on bulk along with a variety of heads to suit every type of screw and loading areas that are quick for bit swaps, it’s a vital bit of kit. 
Cordless Oscillating Tool
If you’re looking to take on the big jobs, an oscillating tool is effectively the Swiss Army pen knife of cutting, sanding, grinding and scraping all manner of materials. As with the cordless screwdriver, the cordless oscillating tool retains a lot of the power of its corded brother and is perfect for doing some quick sanding around the house.
Though you may be tempted to cut a few corners and just use your cordless screwdriver as a makeshift drill, if you have thick walls and want to the job done correctly you’re going to need to invest in a good drill. You’ll be spoilt for choice for cordless drill, with a massive market aimed at the DIYers out there. Most will come with a battery fuel gauge and bit holders along with a plethora of settings so it’ll do all the jobs you need it to.
A good jigsaw is a must for any DIYer, making quick work of any form of wood that needs to be cut to size. While some may argue that a coping saw provides more accuracy, a jigsaw will do the job that most renovators need.
You always need a good blade to hand, but as you’re doing specific jobs when it comes to renovation it helps to have a few other bits and pieces to hand too. Multi-tools are perfect for when you need something quickly – be it pliers or a file – for a small ad-hoc job.
Whereas once upon a time going cordless was infuriating as the battery wouldn’t last long enough for a simple job, these days if you can go cordless then we’d highly recommend it. With the standard of batteries available and their reduced size, cordless tools no longer die quickly and they’re no longer bulky meaning they’re great for a DIYer of any ability.
Last Modified: 12th Mar 2021