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Tapered Roller

Technical Information

Tapered Roller Bearings
Tapered roller bearings are produced by SKF in many designs and sizes to match their many uses. These can be grouped as follows
Type Picture

Single row tapered roller bearings


Paired single row tapered roller bearings

Double row tapered roller bearings

Four-row tapered roller bearings

Design features

Tapered roller bearings have tapered inner and outer ring raceways between which tapered rollers are arranged. The projection lines of all the tapered surfaces meet at a common point on the bearing axis. Their design makes tapered roller bearings particularly suitable for the accommodation of combined (radial and axial) loads. 
Tapered roller bearings are generally separable, i.e. the cone, consisting of the inner ring with roller and cage assembly, can be mounted separately from the cup (outer ring).

SKF tapered roller bearings have the logarithmic contact profile that provides optimum stress distribution over the roller/raceway contacts. The special design of the sliding surfaces of the guide flange and large roller ends considerably promote lubricant film formation in the roller end/flange contacts. The resulting benefits include increased operational reliability and reduced sensitivity to misalignment. 

Standard design

SKF tapered roller bearings for general use, including SKF bearings to Q specifications, have been optimized with regard to
  • sliding contact surfaces of the guide flange of the inner ring
  • roller end faces
  • raceway contact profile
In addition, highly accurate manufacturing processes make adjustment of the bearings against each other more reliable, which dramatically improves performance especially during the very first hours of operation.
CL7C specification bearings

SKF tapered roller bearings produced to the CL7C specifications are intended for bearing arrangements supporting heavy axial loads, for example, gearbox pinion bearing arrangements. These bearings, which are mounted with preload, have special friction characteristics, higher running accuracy and higher axial load carrying capacity to provide a constant, accurate mesh.
In contrast to the bearings for general use, CL7C specification bearings can be adjusted to within narrow limits using the frictional torque method, which considerably simplifies the adjustment process.

With CL7C specification bearings there is practically no running-in wear. As a hydrodynamic lubricant film in the roller end/flange contacts is established from the outset, there is virtually no loss of preload and the preload can be maintained at a constant high level throughout operation.

Bearings with flanged outer ring

Certain sizes of SKF single row tapered roller bearings are also available with a flange on the outer ring.

Bearings having this external flange can be axially located in the housing to provide a simplified, more compact bearing arrangement. The housing bore is simpler to produce, as no shoulders are required.


SKF single row tapered roller bearings are fitted with one of the following cages

  • a pressed window-type steel cage, roller centred, no designation suffix or suffix J1, J2 or J3
  • an injection moulded window-type cage of glass fibre reinforced polyamide 66, roller centred, designation suffix TN9
  • a steel pin-type cage
Tapered roller bearings with a polyamide 66 cage can be operated at temperatures up to +120 °C. The lubricants generally used for rolling bearings do not have a detrimental effect on polyamide cage properties, with the exception of a few synthetic oils and greases with a synthetic oil base, and lubricants containing a high proportion of EP additives when used at high temperatures.
For bearing arrangements, which are to be operated at continuously high temperatures or under arduous conditions, SKF recommends using bearings with a pressed steel or high-temperature polymer cage.
Last Modified: 22nd Apr 2016