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PVC Sheets

Further Information

Grey industrial PVC sheet is an excellent and greatly useful engineering plastic material. Grey industrial PVC sheet is a very popular material and has many and varied uses within industry and fabrication applications. 

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Manufacturers produce engineering plastics that are slightly oversize in either diameter and/or thickness. This oversize tolerance, which is listed in the tables below, is provided to assist customers to produce very accurate items within the size shown and remove any minor surface imperfection.

PVC Sheet Tolerances:

Nominal Thickness Tolerance in mm
1.5 +/- 0.18
2 +/- 0.2
3 +/- 0.25
4 +/- 0.2
5 +/- 0.23
6 +/- 0.26
8 +/- 0.32
10 +/- 0.38
12 +/- 0.44
15 +/- 0.53
20 +/- 0.68
25 +/- 0.83
30 +/- 0.98
40 +/- 1.28
50 +/- 1.58

Applications for grey industrial PVC Sheet:

  • Industrial PVC sheet is often used in the fabrication industry to line or clad chemical tanks due to PVC sheet's ability and resistance to chemical attack. It has excellent fabrication and forming potential so this plastic is an ideal choice
  • Grey PVC sheet is also a common choice for general purpose fabrication, because PVC sheet is very economical and easy to machine. This is recommended the most, over other engineering plastics
  • Grey industrial PVC sheet is also very common for producing battery containers due to its acid resistance, light weight and its excellent fabrication benefits
  • PVC sheet is also useful for the manufacture of prototype products as it is both economical and can be bonded with most commonly available adhesives/glues

Technical Details for Grey PVC Sheet:

  • Industrial PVC sheet has a maximum long term service temperature of plus 60°C
  • Melting point of around plus 75°C
  • Although PVC has a tensile strength of around 75MPa, it is not the toughest engineering plastic and although PVC Sheet is durable, it can fracture due to large impact.


Grey PVC sheet is an economical and easy engineering plastic to machine. It is extremely good at chemical resistance and has a great fire rating. PVC sheet has high mechanical and tensile strength and is very easy to both bond and weld. It also has excellent electrical insulation properties.

Did you know?

PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride

Available Sizes:

Grey PVC sheet is commonly available in sheet sizes of 2000mm X 1000mm, 2440mm X 1220mm and also 3000mm X 1500mm. PVC sheet is available in larger sheet sizes but would be subject to a special production run. Grey PVC sheet is commonly available in a large and useful range of thickness starting with 1.5mm up to 50mm, other sheet thickness are available to order. Industrial PVC sheet is commonly grey in colour and shade can vary due to batch and manufacturer preference.



Last Modified: 12th Mar 2021