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Motors & Gearboxes

We have an extensive range of TEC electric motors - both in single phase and 3 phase, ATEX motors, gear boxes, electric motor base plates and inverters. Motors can come in both cast iron and aluminium depending on the style and size which generally range from 0.18kW to 315kw. Motors generally come in a variety of mount styles: foot mounted (B3), flange mounted (B5), face mounted (B14), foot and flange mount (B35), and foot and face mount (B34). 3 phase motors offer high efficiency and long lifespan with a high starting torque. They can be more costly but they are mostly used in industries where performance is important and saves money. Single phase motors are mostly used in more domestic applicates. They are easy to maintain and clean whilst being economical. There are two styles. The Cap Start/Cap Run also has a high start-up torque and can be supplied with either a 110V or 240V supply, but the Cap Run/Perm Cap is designed for use with equipment that starts up and is only then subjected to load once it is running. We can generally offer next working day deliveries on this range but it is recommended to order before 3pm (some exclusions may apply).
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