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Loctite Instant Bonding Glues

Further Information

Instant bonding adhesives, otherwise known as cyanoacrylates, cure very fast when it is confined between surfaces. Cyanoacrylates are used for bonding smaller parts in order to achieve really fast curing; but due to their limited gap filling capacity it requires close fitting surfaces. The bonding strength in shear and tensile mode is very good and adhesion to the majority of substrates is fantastic. These instant bonding glues should not be used on float glass or glazed ceramics, however they can be used on GRP plastics. Please bear in mind that bonds continuously exposed to water will need proper adhesive selection and ageing evaluation.

Advantages of Loctite Instant Bonding adhesives include:

  • It is very easy and clean to apply
  • It is free of solvents
  • It does not reqire complex part geometrics
  • It has high strength on very small bond faces
  • Able to join a wide variety of dissimilar materials

Surface preparation is extremely important in order to successfully use these adhesives.

  • It is vital for the surfaces to be bonded to be clean, dry and grease-free before applying adhesives. If necessary, we recommend using Loctite 7063 or Loctite 7070 and then allowed to dry 
  • If the surfaces are difficult to bond (e.g. PP, PE, PTFE and so on), improve adhesion by coating the bond faces completely with Loctite 770 (10g) or Loctite 770 (300g)
Last Modified: 22nd Apr 2016