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Loctite Gasketing

Further Information

Gaskets form impervious barriers in order to prevent the leakage of fluids and gasses. Loctite gasketing products are self-forming gaskets which provide a perfect seal between the components. Upon assembly, a low-pressure seal is formed and in 24 hours will fully cure. This gives a joint that won't shrink, crack or relax.

Advantages of Loctite Gasketing products compared to traditional pre-cut compression gaskets:

  • It is single-component which means it easy to apply and clean
  • It fills all voids
  • There is no need for retorquing
  • Results in an excellent instant seal
  • It has a high resistance to solvents
  • It resists high pressure when it is fully cured

Surface preparation is extremely important in order to successfully use these adhesives.

Last Modified: 22nd Apr 2016