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Industrial Vending Machines - Uses in vendor managed inventory

Further Information

What is vendor managed inventory (VMI)?

In VMI, Bearingboys are the vendor and as our customer, we will help you manage your inventory. Reasons for using VMI vary between different companies and we are more than happy to help you with this requirement, just contact head office or the sales rep in your area.

One of the easiest ways we can help you manage your inventory is utilizing easy-to-use industrial vending machines and VMI technology. With this, we can provide you with round the clock availability, enhanced real-time usage reporting, full traceability, and secure access.

Vending Machines – How does it works?

The vending machines are incredibly smart and send electronic messages to us. With this technology, it will record every transaction, whilst also documenting who has taken what, when and where, putting your company in full control and offering you a full reporting facility. Typically, replacement stock is then picked and allocated by us to be refilled into the vending machine at an appropriate time that best suits your requirement, but this can be discussed further dependant on your needs.

We will assist you with the design, supply, installation, and training on all the vendor managed equipment, as well as offering bespoke sales, project management and maintenance solutions. There will be full contractual support with initial negotiations, contract set up and ongoing maintenance, so you truly do not have anything to worry about anything.        

In one instance, we have seen a reduction of usage by over 50% as well as ensuring your employees time is spent efficiently. A conveniently placed vending machine will prevent time from being wasted due to no longer having to walk to the warehouse for something or getting a requisition signed off. This is particularly useful for production lines and all adds to minimising the risk of any delays or standstills and saving on costs.

One major use of these vending machines is to always ensure your employees have access to PPE, therefore remaining safe always and reducing accidents. You can also control what each employee has access to ensuring only the relevant equipment is available for their role. They are also great for fast moving high value items.

How do Bearingboys manage stock?

Each customers’ requirements are different so we would discuss this in detail during contract set up, but primarily we would need usage reports to understand your needs. Generally, we would keep the stock you require and replenish the vending machine(s) on an agreed basis. Most agreements would be a consigned stock agreement and we would then only invoice for what has been issued from the vending machine. For the customer this reduces the need for stock holding and inventory saving you money.

We are excited to bring you the latest innovations from several of the world’s leading industrial vending machine suppliers.

Main benefits/advantages of using our equipment include:

  • Accountability
  • Automatic electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Product Security
  • Secure Access
  • Cloud Based
  • Increased Productivity


For more information about our range of industrial vending machines, please read the following article: Industrial Vending Machine Profiles

Last Modified: 12th Mar 2021