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Medium Shore 50 Rectangle Base Rubber Metal Hydraulic Mount

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The AMC MECANOCAUCHO hydraulic mounts combine a spring and a hydraulic damper in a single compact unit that allows tuning of the spring and damper independently. This provides flexibility in matching the dynamic characteristics of the isolator to the requirements of the application.

The internal architecture of the mount is composed of a new system that bonds the rubber to the metal parts in order to eliminate any leakage of the dampening fluid when the mount is submitted to high magnitude shocks.

For good isolation, low damping is required. For motion control, high dampening is required. The MECANOCAUCHO hydraulic mounts accommodate these conflicting requirements. The fluid cavity is divided into two chambers with an orifice in between, so that motion of the elastomeric element causes fluid to flow from one chamber to the other, dissipating energy and this creating damping in the system.


Primarily designed as engine and operator cab isolator mounts in vehicular off highway and agricultural applications.

It is particularly useful for those engines that operate on a variable rotating speed that must regularly pass the natural frequency of the system during its normal running. Examples of this may be engines of 1,2,3 or 4 cylinders used on construction or agricultural equipment.

It is also used for cabins where vibration isolation is for operator comfort purposes but also can provide stability when the cabin is submitted to transient shocks.

Key Features
  • The AMC-MECANOCAUCHO Hydraulic mounts have an interlocking metal component that provides fail-safe protection for mobile applications. This device limits excessive vertical movement when the mountings are subjected to shocks inputs
  • The metal parts are suitably thick and robust to withstand Off Road vehicle application shock inputs and also have an outdoor anti-corrosive treatment fully compliant with RoHs
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