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HDPE Sheets

Further Information

HDPE is an engineering plastic that is regularly underestimated by people and although HDPE is a popular choice, it is occasionally confused with other plastics. HDPE is a shortened name for High Density Polyethylene and is available in two main grades, the 300 and 500 grade. The higher the HDPE grade number, the higher the density of the plastic, which improves the performance of the product. Currently HDPE is unable to be bonded with adhesives/glues but can be welded with the designed equipment.

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Manufacturers produce engineering plastics that are slightly oversized in either diameter and/or thickness. This oversize tolerance, which is listed in the tables below, is provided to assist customers to produce very accurate items within the size shown and remove any minor surface imperfections.

Advantages of HDPE Sheet: 

  • HDPE sheet has considerably low friction properties which are some of the best within the engineering plastics range and so HDPE sheet helps produce low friction components
  • It has excellent abrasion resistance which helps provide components that are suitable for high abrasion applications
  • HDPE sheet will absorb extremely low amounts of moisture which help creates components that are stable over a good period of time. Due to this HDPE has attained Food & Drug Administration Approval and so can be used in the food industry
  • HDPE sheet is greatly economical, good value for money and can provide an engineering plastic with equal or greater performance advantages and save end users a significant amount of money
  • It is lightweight and easy to machine to help improve machining times
  • HDPE sheet is very tough and almost impossible to break which helps produce components that are tough and can stand up to a lot of stress and strain in high impact environments.

Applications for HDPE Sheet:

  • HDPE sheet is an engineering plastic that can be used in the food industry where low friction wear and buffer strips on food production lines are important
  • HDPE sheet is used in the water industry and is found in most areas of this industry due to its remarkably low moisture absorption and good chemical resistance.


HDPE Sheet also known as High Density Polyethylene sheet offers great sliding properties and abrasion/wear resistance as it has such a low co-efficient of friction. HDPE sheet is notably tough and impact resistant, including at low temperatures. It is lightweight, easy to weld but difficult to bond.

Last Modified: 12th Mar 2021