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Further Information

HDPE Rod is an excellent engineering plastic that has many unique and useful properties to offer users who need a varied and combined range of beneficial features. HDPE is short for High Density Polyethylene and HDPE Rod is commercially available in either white (natural) or black. The HDPE rod selection has a great size range which begins with 10mm diameter and ranges up to and including 300mm diameter.

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Our manufacturers produce engineering plastics that are slightly oversize in either diameter and/or thickness. This oversize tolerance, which is listed in the tables below, is provided to assist customers to produce very accurate items within the size shown and remove any minor surface imperfections.

HDPE rod tolerances:

Nominal Diameter Tolerance in mm
10 +0.1 to +0.6
12 +0.2 to +0.7
15 +0.2 to +0.8
20 +0.2 to +1
22 - 25 +0.2 to +1.1
30 +0.2 to +1.2
35 +0.2 to +1.3
40 +0.2 to +1.5
45 +0.3 to +1.7
50 - 55 +0.3 to +2
60 +0.3 to +2.3
65 - 70 +0.3 to +2.5
75 - 80 +0.4 to +3
90 +0.5 to +3.4
100 +0.6 to +3.8
110 +0.7 to +4.2
120 - 130 +0.8 to +4.6
140 +0.9 to +5.4
150 +1 to +5.8
160 - 180 +1.2 to +7.4
200 +1.3 to +8.5
225 - 250 +1.3 to +9
300 +1.3 to +10

Advantages/Properties of HDPE rod:

  • Low co-efficient of friction which results in a free flowing bearing or any sliding components
  • Good resistance to abrasion which means it is often specified in applications where highly abrasive products such as sand, gravel, etc. are present
  • One of the most economical engineering plastics and therefore has cost advantages over other engineering plastics

Important Features to Remember:

  • High Density Polyethylene rod is an engineering plastic that is easy to machine
  • Although it can be threaded, it will not produce a strong anchor point
  • HDPE rod is currently unable to be bonded with adhesives which means it is commonly mechanically fixed as needed or heat welded using simple plastic welding equipment

Applications for HDPE Rod:

  • Since it has a low coefficient of friction HDPE is often used for bearings, pulleys, bushes and low stress gears
  • HDPE Rod is also sometimes chosen within the water industry as well as the food industry because it has low moisture absorption and high performance where water and most chemicals are involved


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) rod offers great sliding properties and abrasion/wear resistance as it has a low co-efficient of friction. HDPE rod is very tough and impact resistant, even at low temperatures. In addition, it is lightweight and although it is easy to weld, it is difficult to bond.


Last Modified: 12th Mar 2021