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VG1L.9/16 9/16inch Glass Fibre, With Graphite Gland Packing x 8m

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Cross Section
14.2875 = 9/16inch
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Product Description
VG1L.9/16 9/16inch Glass Fibre, With Graphite Gland Packing x 8m

Vulcan VG1L is an alternative packing for light duties. VG1L is interbraided from a continuous filament, textured air-blown glass fibres thoroughly impregnated with mineral oil lubricants and graphite. A dressing and corrosion inhibitor is further applied to the yarn to improve wear resistance.

Type VG1L will handle non-mechanically demanding Plant Applications whilst requiring low gland pressure to seal thus reducing shaft wear and gland maintenance. Specify Type VG1L for general plant service, at elevated temperatures, only if Carbon or Graphite fibres are not required. Glass fibres offer exceptional temperature resistance but are relatively low strength. Up to 480F (250C), use Vulcan VG2 for superior performance or Type VK1L where higher mechanical load or very abrasive conditions exist.
At higher temperatures, Types VC5 or VG4 are preferred. Type VG1L standard spool length is 8 metres.

  • Thoroughly impregnated with Mineral Oil lubricants and Graphite
  • Suited to general purpose packing for rotary and reciprocating pumps, mixers and valves.
  • Reduces Shaft wear and gland maintenance

    Operating Limits
  • Pressure Rating: 150 Bar
  • Rotary Speed: 10 m/s
  • Temperature: -100C to +480C
  • pH Range: 4 -11

    Limits are for guidance only.

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