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Getting your Bearings Right

Further Information

 Bearings are used in all sorts of equipment and perform a variety of different functions. There are several different types of bearings – ball bearings, needle bearings, thrust bearings, roller bearings and so on – and for those without extensive technical knowledge, it may be a little difficult knowing which type of bearing is right for any particular piece of equipment. In general terms, ball bearings are used in small machines which run at high speeds while roller bearings are usually found in machines working under heavy loads.



Consequences of Bearing Failure


Because bearings are designed to facilitate the movement of a machine, the consequences of failing to check and replace them can sometimes be catastrophic and often expensive. For example, when a wheel bearing on a car begins to wear you will usually get some indication of this as you will hear a whining noise coming from the wheel and sometimes the steering may start to feel a little loose. In addition to this, if the problem is not resolved immediately, you will often see abnormal tyre wear as the wheel starts to misalign. As the bearing disintegrates, the grease that lubricates it heats up and falls out leading to the mechanism seizing up. The wheel will become loose, leading to possible damage to the wheel axle and the car’s suspension parts and in an extreme case the wheel could even become detached from the car – not something you want to happen while you are driving!


This is just one example of a bearing failure but if this occurs in any machinery then the results are going to be broadly similar – failure or stoppage of the machine itself, with all the associated costs and inconvenience that come with it.


If in Doubt – Take Advice


When buying replacement bearings it’s obviously vital to know which one you need, including the size of the bearing required. With measurements differing by mere millimetres it can be so easy to get the wrong one and fitting the incorrect bearing in your equipment could result in your machine running badly or even breaking down altogether.


That is why we are only too happy to help you make the correct choice. We have an extensive range of bearings for all types of applications together with extensive knowledge and experience in our field. We can also ensure that you get the correct lubrication/grease, spacers, shims and whatever else you need for the successful replacement of your bearings – so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Last Modified: 12th Mar 2021