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Transmissions Anti-Vibration Mounts DSD Anti Vibration Mounts
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Type DSD80 Shore 75 Bolt Anti Vibration Mount

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Product Specification
Bolt Hole Centres (F)
Height (B)
Length (G)
Thread/Screw Dia (C)
Width (A)
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Product Description

AMC DSD anti vibration mounts design provides excellent radial and axial flexibility making them most suitable for the suspension of machines where isolation of both vertical and horizontal vibration components occur.

They comprise of two flat metal parts. The top metal part is circular with either a tapped central boss or an internal welded nut for attaching the mount to the machine frame. The lower metal part has an oval shape with two holes to allow fixing to the support structure of the machine.

They have comparable stiffness rates vertically and horizontally making them very effective against random vibrations in either plane.

Key Features
  • Simple to install, they can be placed directly on the floor or ground due to the vertical flexibility of the rubber section without direct attachment
  • Effectiveness with three standard compounds available, identified by the hardness stamped on the base, Soft: hardness A 45, Medium: hardness B 60, Hard: hardness C 75), enabling the user to choose the most suitable mount for the load to be supported and the vibration frequency. For extremely low vibration frequencies they can be mounted in series to provide additional vibration isolation. In certain cases, it may be advisable to install an effective Fail Safe design to prevent over deflection
  • Speed of placement of the mount and easy movement of the machine to the required spot
  • Cost effective
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