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Transmissions Anti-Vibration Mounts CB Rubber to Metal Mounts
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CB40 Shore 55 Rubber Metal Anti Vibration Mount

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AMC-MECANOCAUCHO type CB anti vibration mounts are installed in pairs. Installation is simplified as both mounts are fixed with one through bolt and washers at each end of the installed mount.

The CB mount is provided with a built in radial wear plate that prevents the elastomeric element coming into contact with the sharp edges of laser cut holes in support frames or structures that can cause friction in traditionally used semi-bonded mounts . This wear plate reduces the need to machine radius or chamfer holes, reducing cost. The specific design permits high dynamic loading whilst limiting movement due to their multi-axial snubbing.

  • Agricultural or construction equipment cabins, engines, radiators, transmission, battery boxes
  • Marine equipment
  • Mobile generators or compressors
  • Chassis frames for military, bus, truck, motorhome and emergency vehicles
    Key Features
  • The AMC-MECANOCAUCHO CB mounts are radially more flexible tan axially. This feature is especially useful for those machines or equipment where radial axis vibration isolation is important
  • The mount is provided with a built in multi-directional snubbering system that limits the maximum allowed displacements
  • Metal parts are embedded in rubber in order to prevent corrosion
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