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BB93 Hexagonal Belt (Pix or Similar)

BB93 Hexagonal Belt (Pix or Similar)
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Hexagonal or double V belts are recommended for serpentine drives, where power is to be transmitted from both the sides of the belt. They are designed with special tension cord for meeting dual power requirement along with multiple bends. They provide amazing torque, strength, durability and are used on drives with reverse bends.

Hexagonal belts are meant for the application where sudden directional changes in the belt travel occurs, these changes exert unique stress on the structure of the belt. They are perfectly designed and remain aligned both laterally and longitudinally, in the pulley groove, while operating. They are also antistatic and oil resistant, and are widely used in agricultural machinery, rice mills, husker machines, dyeing units, poultry feather pickers, etc.


  • Rice mills, Husker machines, Serpentine drives, Poultry feather-pickers, Dyeing units, etc.

    Key Features
  • Enhanced product life
  • Transmits power from both sides of the belt
  • Centre cord provides excellent power transmission and low-stretch
  • Special design provides an excellent flexibility for serpentine drives
  • Temperature range: -30C to +80C