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8MGTV-3048-36 Poly Chain Carbon Volt Timing Belt (Please enquire for product availability/lead time)

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Product Specification
Number of Teeth
Pitch Length
9239-02381 (3048-8M-36)
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Product Description

Antistatic power transmission belts are a must in ATEX environments. To ensure the highest safety standards, their capacity to safely dissipate static electricity should meet the required levels over the lifetime of the belt - and not only when new. The Poly Chain Carbon Volt belt is the only belt in the market that meets the ISO 9563 standard over the complete lifespan of the belt. Its patented static-conductive jacket construction transfers static electricity safely to carbon tensile cords, away from the driven side of the application - making it your safest and strongest option for applications in ATEX environments.


  • Static conductive (ISO 9563) and can as such be used in the conditions described in the directive 2014/34/EU- ATEX
  • Chemically resistant polyurethane compound that ensures optimum adhesion with the carbon tensile cords.
  • Carbon fibre reinforcement for high strength and length stability
  • Nylon fabric facing that acts as a wear resistant surface, protecting the teeth and keeping frictional losses to a minimum
  • Curvilinear tooth profile for improved stress distribution and higher overall loading
    Key Features
  • Maintains static conductivity over belt lifetime
  • 400% greater capacity than HTD belts
  • 5% energy savings over V-belts and 99% efficiency for life of the drive
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Reduce weight and overhung loads
  • Inert to most acids, chemicals and water
  • Temperature range: -54 deg C to + 85 deg
  • Perfect fit on Poly Chain GT profile pulleys