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4 uses for an air compressor

Further Information

An air compressor is one of those tools where you may wonder what use you’d ever get out of, but once you’ve started you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. Here are a few ways an air compressor will change your life – whether you’re using it in the workplace or at home as part of a hobby.


Pressure Washer
You may think going to a garage to get your car cleaned or valeted is a nothing expense, but once you’ve used an air compressor to pressure wash your car we guarantee you it’s something you’ll never want to pay for ever again. This extends to cleaning patios and driveways too, you’ll find you’re looking for any excuse to give something a good clean.
Nail Gun
Nail guns are a perfect timesaver when it comes to home construction and DIY, plus it saves on sore thumbs when using a hammer. Nail guns work by using the pressure from the air compressor to drive the nail into wood or plastic if you’re using a direct drive, but alternatively you can use an indirect drive to push a piston which then drives the nail into hard material such as concrete. Take a lot of care when using it for this purpose though, the nail gun horror stories are plentiful on worksites!
Spray Painting
With an air compressor attached to a spray gun it makes any painting – whether it’s upholstery, canvas, walls or clothing – a quick and easy job. Not only this but spray painting results in smooth and fine coats and has none of the errors that often result from hand painting. 
Quick Cleaning
Whether you’re blasting dust from your keyboard, cleaning dust off work benches or out of machinery, getting rid of cobwebs or clearing away foliage, an air compressor is great for getting you cleaned up quickly. Ensure you’re wearing goggles to keep any debris out of your eyes though.
When it comes to adding an air compressor to your workspace or garage, you need to factor in a few things such as how much use you’re going to get out of it and the type of projects you will be doing being the main factors for you to consider. Similarly, an air compressor is only as useful as the tools it operates, so you want to make sure you purchase high quality air tools that will perform the tasks you need. 
Last Modified: 12th Mar 2021